Who I am

Renata Giannelli     Via Carlo Cignani 25/1    40128- Bologna 

Phone: +39 3293354543








Renata Giannelli has been working  for over thirty years in the artistic field,  specialized in the creative uses of handmade paper and  graphic arts; has managed the company “Il Navile” active in the production of contemporary art, participated in the most important art fairs and exhibited her works in Italian and European galleries.
In 2020 she begins a new creative journey as Nextonest by translating her material works  into digital art and reliving them with new meanings.

In 2023 she creates “Scarabocchio”/ Doodle”a new collection of light sculptures and artworks in iron wire oxidized with paper pulp. Construction technique and Unique artworks and light sculptures are protected by Copyright and certified by an NFT.



To know more about her path, read her Curriculum: CV_ inglese